Roles and Responsibilities of a DevOps Engineer

Every major enterprise in the market tends to depend on critical IT infrastructure that ranges from website to software or application platforms. The DevOps Engineer is responsible for building tools that support such mission-critical infrastructures. DevOps Engineers form the core of the engineering department, and also support deployment of traffic management services and shared infrastructure. Such Engineers also constantly support existing websites and application.

Objectives and Responsibilities of a DevOps Engineer

1. Management

The DevOps Engineer ensures compliance to standards by monitoring the enterprise software and online websites. The engineer also regulates tools and processes in the engineering department and catalyses their simultaneous enhancement and evolution. Along with this, they also actively build and enhance platform services including website software and applications. They also host and manage databases.

2. Design and Development

Design and Development of enterprise infrastructure and its architecture is one of the major responsibilities that DevOps Engineers are tasked with. Such Engineers are highly skilled coders which enable them to script tools aimed at enhancing developer productivity.

3. Collaboration and Support

The DevOps’ Modus Operandi is to collaborate extensively and yield results in all aspects of their work. Everything ranging from technical analyses to deployment and monitoring is handled, with the focus to enhance overall system reliability and scalability. The diagram below gives one a clear picture of the values that define DevOps.

They achieve this through periodic and consistent communication and interaction with the IT department in troubleshooting apps and software. They also keep an eye on cost-effectiveness and performance requirement.

4. Knowledge

DevOps staff and Engineers aid in promotion of knowledge sharing and overall DevOps culture throughout the engineering department. They also have to stay on top of industry trends and best practices whilst recognizing opportunities for automation, design development and other solutions in a comprehensive manner to boost operational efficiency.

5. Versatile Duties

DevOps staff and Engineers also take on work delegated by IT director, CTO, DevOps head and more. They will also perform similar duties to the designations mentioned above.


DevOps is an ideology at its core and can involve Engineers skilled across various domains and departments. As such, DevOps personnel are ever fluid within the organization, taking on many roles at various times to enable creation of efficient enterprise processes and enhancement of the existing ones. If there was ever a time to take on DevOps roles in your current organization this is it! For more details please visit our website



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