The Complete DevOps Developer RoadMap — Your Guide to become DevOps Engineer

DevOps is quite trending at the moment, and the majority of my friends, coworkers, and experienced developers I know are working hard to become a DevOps engineer and project themselves as DevOps champion in their organization. While I understand the advantage of DevOps, which is directly linked to improved software development and implementation, from my minimal experience, I can state that it’s not a very easy work. It’s tough to choose the right course in the mind with numerous tools and technologies around. Most o readers also ask me this question, how to become a DevOps Engineer, which means should I learn? Which techniques should I follow? Does learning Virtuoso and Jenkins is a must for a DevOps Engineers?

How about Docker and Kubernetes? Does the infrastructure automation part of DevOps? should learn Chef, Puppet, or Ansible are simply some of the questions keep coming to me.

I have my best to answer these with my minimal experience. Still, I couldn’t write down in the fashion which is simply outstanding and reusable but not to worry, today I am going to share with you’ll an amazing source that will help you to become the DevOps Engineer you always wanted to be, the complete DevOps RoadMap.

I was casually surfing through the net the other day when I come across this outstanding GitHub web page by Kamranahmedse, which shows various helpful roadmaps to become front-end designer, back-end programmer, a full-stack web developer and DevOps Designer.

This RoadMap is great in any sense as it not only about what is the role of a DevOps engineer but it also tells which tool you need to learn to land in your dream job role.

To complete the roadmap, I have also shared some useful on-line programs to make sure that you learn and enhance the tool or technology you want.

Now, if you’re willing to learn from the best, then you’re in the right place. At ZaranTech, we offer self-paced online training DevOps conducted by experienced industry experts. Browse through our course page for details. Also, if you’re looking for more such engaging and informative blog posts, feel free to visit our website.


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